Create tasks in Teamwork from messages in Slack and receive real-time notifications on your tasks in a dedicated Slack channel.

Teamwork for Slack

Take action on conversations and manage team projects directly from Slack.

Turn ideas into actions

Get real results from conversations by integrating Slack to Teamwork and turning ideas or requests into tasks, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Take action on updates

Stay in the loop on project progress with real-time notifications. Take action by adding comments to task updates to keep work flowing.

Capture valuable ideas and suggestions

Whether it’s a solution to a problem, a simple suggestion, or an ingenious idea, keep track of every thought by creating a message in Teamwork from Slack.

Build resources and achieve more

Collect and share useful project links to create a resource library that your team can use. If a link is shared in Slack, instantly add it to your links library in Teamwork.

For more information on how to get started with the Slack integration, check out our help docs.

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