Teamwork Chat for Windows

Launch Teamwork Chat directly from your desktop with our Windows app.

With Teamwork Chat you can empower your team to communicate freely — without compromising on productivity. Best of all, it integrates with Teamwork Projects and is 100% free to use.

Launch Teamwork Chat directly from your desktop with the Windows app – making it quicker and easier to access on startup. Pin the app to your toolbar so you’ll be ready to go from the moment you start your computer so you can keep communication flowing between you and your team.

Key Features:

  • Chat channels: Communicate with your team in channels for your department, team, project, client – or whatever grouping is relevant to your business.
  • Direct or group conversations: Kick off a 1-1 chat or group conversation for focused and meaningful discussions that help move work in the right direction.
  • File sharing: Make decisions and give feedback with context by attaching files, images, videos and links that are relevant to the conversation.
  • Integrates with Teamwork Projects: Make conversations productive by turning decisions into tasks in Projects. Create and assign tasks ready and waiting to be worked on.
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